TwinMOS USB Drive Keeps You Amused With Mirrors and Flashing Lights

If you are the type that is captivated by small shiny objects, flashing lights and your own reflection, you will love this TwinMOS USB Drive with its mirrored surface and 6 colorful LED indicators. It also features a 4GB capacity, and a sliding USB connector. No pricing or availability information has been announced. [ »11/16/07 7:15pm11/16/07 7:15pm


TwinMOS BooM1 iPod Speaker Dock Offers Big Boom, Takes Up Little Space (Except the Giant Sub)

TwinMOS's BooM1 speaker dock is a solution for those who want a big sound that takes up little space. Powered by two 8-watt speakers and a 25-watt subwoofer that offer a little more power than comparable speaker docks. While the name and design are eyebrow raising, it is the $199.99 price tag that really has us… »7/30/07 8:30pm7/30/07 8:30pm