Watch the Five Very Best Vines of the Year

Not even a year-and-a-half old, Vines are enjoying their very own category in the Tribeca Film Festival for the second year in a row. And even though last year's winners were pretty incredible in their own right, this year's take it to a whole other level. Apparently, an extra year of six-second shooting practice does… » 4/15/14 12:00pm Tuesday 12:00pm

Confirmed: Tweeting Al Qaeda Jokes At Airlines Will Get You Arrested

Yesterday, a 14-year-old Dutch Twitter user learned the hard way that airlines don't take bomb threats lightly. And after blowing up Twitter feeds everywhere, @queendemetriax_ has officially been arrested by the Rotterdam police. » 4/14/14 11:33am Monday 11:33am

44% Of All Twitter Accounts Have Yet To Send A Tweet

A new report from Twopcharts has found that 44% of the world's Twitter accounts have yet to send a Tweet. With approximately 974 million Twitter accounts, that's an awful lot of dead air. As the Wall Street Journal points out, however, this could mean that people, scammers, or bots simply signed up for an account and… » 4/13/14 11:30am Sunday 11:30am

Twitter's Facebook-Lite Look Kicks In Today, With New Profile Powers

That major redesign Twitter was teasing earlier this year? It's here. And it's got a few features we hadn't heard about thrown in for good measure. Welcome to Facewitter, or Twitbook. It's actually pretty nice! » 4/08/14 8:09am 4/08/14 8:09am

The U.S. Built a Bizarre "Cuban Twitter" To Help Undermine Castro

In one of the oddest reports of spy games we've heard in years—and that's saying something—the AP has uncovered a United States plot to create a "Cuban Twitter" that would lure in users with soccer scores and music news before evolving its message into anti-Castro rhetoric. If any part of that made you say what, don't… » 4/03/14 8:53am 4/03/14 8:53am

Hacked Twitter Accounts Can Be More Valuable Than Stolen Credit Cards

Hackers operate by the same rules of economics as we all do. Thanks to a high profile breach like Target's, a glut of stolen credit cards has made them cheap cheap cheap. So you know what's a more valuable target these days? Your Twitter account. » 3/27/14 5:40pm 3/27/14 5:40pm

Twitter's Losing Sight of What Makes It So Great

Today, Twitter introduced some major changes to the way it does business. Not only can a single tweet now hold multiple photos (along with 10 tagged friends), but none of that extra baggage takes away any of your precious characters. In other words, Twitter just got a whole lot more like Facebook. » 3/26/14 7:40pm 3/26/14 7:40pm

Twitter Now Lets You Tag People in Tweets Without Using Any Characters

Twitter is growing up, and the latest new feature set includes the ability to tag up to 10 people in a photo as well as the ability to add up to four photos to a tweet. But—and this is big—those tags won't count towards the total character limit. Suddenly, tweets seem kind of big. » 3/26/14 5:10pm 3/26/14 5:10pm

Twitter Is Reportedly Testing a "Fave People" Timeline...For Your Favs

TechCrunch reports that Twitter is experimenting with a new version of timeline that allows you to browse a stream of tweets from your favorite accounts. If real, the new "Fave People" feature would mirror a similar feature on Facebook—and makes a lot of sense for helping you filter out the noise in your timeline. » 3/17/14 4:36pm 3/17/14 4:36pm

The 25+ Best Tweets About True Detective Crashing HBO GO

In case you were blissfully unaware last night, just as the entire country was preparing to tune in to the highly anticipated True Detective season finale, HBO GO decided it was a good time to crash and burn. Twitter, of course, rose to the occasion. Here are the funniest, most bitter tweets from last night's streaming … » 3/10/14 9:56am 3/10/14 9:56am