The new Tweetbot 3.0 app is completely revamped for iOS 7 and few apps look as good as the new light

The new Tweetbot 3.0 app is completely revamped for iOS 7 and few apps look as good as the new light freshness of Tweetbot. Little animations like bouncing buttons, little details like blurred backgrounds and so forth make it absolutely delightful for diehard tweeters. $3 [iTunes] »10/24/13 6:28pm10/24/13 6:28pm


TweetDeck Gets Totally Rebuilt To Include Flexible Columns and More

TweetDeck was a perfectly lovely Twitter client to begin with, but the app's new release brings a few welcome improvements. Among them: "flexible" columns that let you combine your Twitter and Facebook feeds into a single orgy of meal and location updates and retina display optimization. It looks good from afar! And… »3/07/11 6:54pm3/07/11 6:54pm

Twidroyd and UberTwitter Apps Are Saved After UberSocial's Tiff With Twitter

You know there's a problem with our elite world o' nerds when even your non-nerdy pals start harassing you about why their favorite Twitter app has suddenly been blocked. Save their bacon by telling them Twidroyd and UberTwitter (now renamed UberSocial) are back in the Android and BlackBerry app stores, and working… »2/21/11 3:00am2/21/11 3:00am

Android App Twidroid Bought, Renamed to Fend off Lucas Films

Popular Android Twitter app Twidroid has been bought up—with Idealab's TweetUp throwing money we didn't realise it had in its direction. There's a rather interesting fact behind the app's sudden name change from Twidroid to Twidroyd, too—it's to fend off any possible legal action from Lucas Films, which TweetUp says… »7/06/10 6:32am7/06/10 6:32am

Twitter Lists Are Live, Meaning Soon You'll Be Able to Create Groups in Twitter Apps

A feature people often ask for in Twitter apps is a way to create groups of people to organize that giant list of people they follow—a group for your friends, one for news, one for crazies, however they wanna break down all those people. Well, Twitter Lists just went live, meaning that before too long you'll be able… »10/15/09 6:54pm10/15/09 6:54pm