Twitter Might Be Looking To Kill Off Third Party Image Hosts

Twitter's big API changes have been causing all kinds of problems for third party Twitter clients, but they aren't the only ones affected by Twitter's new outlook on life. According to Buzzfeed, third party image hosts are in danger as well. » 9/15/12 12:00pm 9/15/12 12:00pm

Tweet Your Face Off With These Reader Selected Twitter Clients

You have the Twitter, you say? And you're following all us Gizmodo tweeters religiously? If not, we're right over there on the left. » 9/27/09 3:30pm 9/27/09 3:30pm

Please God Let Twitter Explode and Go Away Forever

There've been some reports about an upcoming "Twitpocalypse" in which Twitter would finally crash and burn due to the limitations of a 32-bit signed integer. Allegedly, Twitter will collapse once the number of tweets passes 2,147,483,647. » 6/13/09 3:00pm 6/13/09 3:00pm