Twitter for Blackberry Includes Features You've Been Missing

Blackberry owners will want to update to the new Twitter for Blackberry 1.1 beta to sate their 140-character addictions. The release brings features like geotagging and Push @mentions—late to the game—but also includes direct messages that thread like BBM chats, Social Feeds integration, and additional languages. [via » 2/22/11 3:40pm 2/22/11 3:40pm

Twitter for BlackBerry Steps Out Of Beta, Ready For Full Launch

Twitter for BlackBerry is finally leaving the beta tag behind and making a full launch tonight. It took a while, having toiled in private and public beta for ages, but it's been well-improved since then. » 7/06/10 7:06pm 7/06/10 7:06pm

Twitter For BlackBerry Getting Some Much-Needed Updates Today

Since the launch of RIM's own-developed app, I've flitted between it and UberTwitter, due to a couple of minor issues. Those problems will be null and void soon, as RIM's update fixes everything I could've wanted done—and more. » 5/20/10 3:09am 5/20/10 3:09am