The Syrian Electronic Army Just Hacked Another Big Twitter Account

Even with Twitter adding two-factor authentication, the Thomson Reuters' Twitter account @thomsonreuters has been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. If you remember, the Syrian Electronic Army has been responsible for hacking the Twitter accounts of The Onion, E! Online, CBS and more. » 7/29/13 8:59pm 7/29/13 8:59pm

Whoops, CBS Got Twitter-Hacked And Spat Out Virus-y Links (Update:…

Twitter hacks are an unfortunate reality of everyday social media life. Today, it was CBS's 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, and CBS Denver accounts that took the hit and started dishing out some linkbait-y tweets with a virus-laiden garnish. Careful what you click. » 4/20/13 5:03pm 4/20/13 5:03pm

Twitter Has Been Hacked: 250,000 Twitter Accounts Compromised

Twitter has been hacked. If you have a Twitter account (and who doesn't these days), it's probably a good idea to make sure everything is in order and/or reset your password with something strong. Twitter says that approximately 250,000 users may have been affected by the hack, with the hackers gaining access to… » 2/01/13 9:16pm 2/01/13 9:16pm