Why Twitter Wanting to Kill All Third Party Twitter Apps Is Ridiculous

In a classic case of forgetting where you came from, Twitter is suffocating third party Twitter apps until they die so the only Twitter people know is from Twitter, Inc. itself. This sucks for many reasons—mostly because Twitter apps suck compared to third party apps—but also because of this: the Twitter we know today… »8/17/12 11:30pm8/17/12 11:30pm


iPhone Apps We Like: Twinkle, the New Best Twitter App

So, we were a little premature when we declared Twitterific the best iPhone Twitter app-Twinkle, the hugely popular Twitter app with location goodness for Installer.app, just came to the App store. Its killer location features are totally intact: Tweets are lojacked with your current location (Twitterific just updates… »7/18/08 12:30pm7/18/08 12:30pm