Science Reveals Everything You've Ever Wondered About Cursing on Twitter

It feels like people are always swearing on Twitter, huh? FastCo reports the work of a team of researchers from Wright State University in Ohio which analyzed 51 million tweets by 14 million english language users to figure out the dynamics of how exactly people use profanity on the social network. » 2/19/14 10:20am 2/19/14 10:20am

How Your Friends' Locations Give Yours Away Online

You might have the privacy settings locked down on all your social networks, but it's the weak links in the system that make the difference. A team at the University of Rochester in New York, for instance, say they can predict where you are to within 100 meters, just by analyzing the location of your friends on… » 1/26/12 8:26am 1/26/12 8:26am