Palm Gets Live MobiTV

Here's a nice extra for your Palm TX handheld—MobiTV. 12 channels (mostly sports and news) are available through the service as long as you can pick up a WiFi connection. All you need is a pricey subscription to a data service plan from your cell carrier and you're good to go.

Gizmodo Ink

  • Palm cuts a deal with RIM that will put Blackberry's email software on a version of the Treo 650. What has gotten Palm so amorous lately? First, they allow Microsoft's PocketPC OS to bespoil future Treos, and now they're in bed with RIM. Either they're in total desperation/survival mode or someone snuck a roofie in…
  • Palm TX and Z22

    Palm busted out two new handhelds today, and they are doozies. The TX has integrated WiFI and Bluetooth, a 320 x 480 color screen, and 128 MB of persistent memory. It sports a built-in MP3 player, and can be used for viewing video or photo, natch. This is meant to replace the T5, although it has a slightly less…