Is HD Video the Next Must-Have Point 'n' Shoot Feature?

At PMA 2008, it seemed like everyone is adding HD video recording to their digital point 'n' shoot lineup: Panasonic's TZ5 and FX35, Samsung's NV24HD, a few Kodak EasyShare cameras and even one Canon PowerShot, the TX-1. Though Sony, Nikon and Fujifilm are still notably missing from the bandwagon, and Canon doesn't… »2/01/08 11:32am2/01/08 11:32am

PMA 07: First Footage From the Canon PowerShot TX1 720p Shooter

Did we hear someone ask for video shot by the Canon PowerShot TX1 7.1-megapixel still camera/720p flash-drive camcorder? Well, here it is, unedited and unaltered straight off the flash card in all its 720p glory. Download this AVI file shot with a TX-1 preproduction prototype, and you'll see that results are mixed. To… »3/09/07 5:30pm3/09/07 5:30pm

Canon Powershot TX-1 Hands-On With 720p in the Palm of Your Hand

Our first encounter with the Canon PowerShot TX-1 was a jaw-dropping experience, when we realized exactly how small this itsy-bitsy HD video and 7.1 megapixel shooter really is. It's truly tiny, about the size of the deck of cards, and essentially has similar dimensions to Canon's previous generation of Digital Elph… »3/08/07 7:57am3/08/07 7:57am