Dealzmodo Hack: Cooked Software Revives HTC Phones

HTC has always known their biggest weakness: Windows Mobile. They've done their best to hide the aged interface in glossy costumes and bolster performance, but they can only do so much—the OS is slow, buggy and can drain battery life on certain hardware. Luckily, Windows Mobile responds well to per-device… » 11/06/08 2:00pm 11/06/08 2:00pm

HTC TyTN II Becomes Official in Europe

The phone we've previously known as the HTC Kaiser or the 8925 has just been named the HTC TyTN II for the European market. The Windows Mobile 6 phone will be available under T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and Telefonica (includes O2), and will have the standard 3.5G connectivity, Windows Mobile 6, HTC's Home screen, GPS,… » 8/28/07 12:16pm 8/28/07 12:16pm

HTC's Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade Roadmap Shows at Least a June Wait

Most of us with Windows Mobile smartphones made by HTC are still waiting for the official WM6 upgrade ROMs before upgrading. After all, walking up to the store with a bricked phone made by some ROM we found on the Net isn't our idea of a good time. Good news, as HTC's just released their upgrade path. » 4/19/07 9:30pm 4/19/07 9:30pm

Unofficial Windows Mobile 6 for HTC Hermes (Cingular 8525)

If you've got an HTC Hermes, TyTN or Cingular 8525, today's your lucky day. The guys on the XDA Dev Forums have hacked together a bunch of Windows Mobile 6 code together to make a version that works on your phone. It's very unofficial, to be sure, and is missing stuff like voice calling, PTT, Live! Mobile, Smart… » 2/27/07 7:55pm 2/27/07 7:55pm

HTC Stereo Converter

If you've picked up an HTC Trinity, Artemis, or TyTN/Cingular 8525, you probably noticed that the only headset port is the 11-pin mini USB kind. Pretty gimpy if you want to use your Shure or your V-Moda Vibe headphones to listen to music. Brando's got the HTC stereo converter shipping December 27, which allows you to… » 12/20/06 6:25pm 12/20/06 6:25pm

Cingular 8525 Upgrade Guide: Should You Switch to the Best Windows…

For our money, the Cingular 8525 Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone is the best Windows Mobile phone out right now. It's pretty much universally agreed—by the Frankenreviewer—to be an all around monster of a communications device. If you're using a basic cellphone like the RAZR, we can definitely say it's worthwhile to… » 12/07/06 12:30pm 12/07/06 12:30pm

HTC P4350: Thinner Version of the TyTN, Still No 3G

Boy Genius, best friend to rappers everywhere, has posted some pics of the HTC P4350, the slimmed down version of the popular HTC TyTn. While no U.S. carrier has been announced yet, let's keep in mind that HTC and T-Mobile have a very healthy relationship. Mr. Boy Genius correctly points out that the smartphone is… » 12/04/06 5:05pm 12/04/06 5:05pm

HTC Hermes/TyTN/DoPod 838Pro Reviewed (Verdict: With Great Power Comes…

We've covered the TyTN before (pretty extensively), so this is more of a reminder that there is an option besides the Sprint PPC-6700/Verizon XV6700/Cingular 8125/T-Mobile MDA if you want a smartphone with a keyboard. » 10/17/06 6:30pm 10/17/06 6:30pm

Cingular 8525 Pricing Rumor: $474.95 With Two-Year Contract

The upcoming Cingular 8525, a phone you may know better from by its maiden name, the HTC TyTN, is supposedly being released some time in the next 30 days. » 10/10/06 6:00pm 10/10/06 6:00pm

HTC Herald is the HTC Hermes/TyTN's Successor

The latest HTC phone with a slide-out keyboard is the HTC Herald, the successor to the HTC Hermes. The Herald is thinner, at 18mm versus the Hermes' 22mm, but vomits a camera and some processor power to do so. Luckily for us, everything else is the same. The phone still has a 2-megapixel camera, QVGA touch-screen,… » 10/06/06 7:10pm 10/06/06 7:10pm

HTC TyTN Sync Cradle

Speaking of the HTC TyTN, here's a dock and hot-sync cradle for $20. USB cable comes included, and the dock fits the HTC TyTN, HTC Hermes, HTC Z, Orange SPV M3100, T-Mobile MDA Vario II, i-Mate JASJAM, Qtek 9600 and Dopod CHT9000. Yes, they're all the same phone. » 8/31/06 7:30pm 8/31/06 7:30pm

HTC TyTN and XDA Trion Windows Mobile Phones Available Online Now

The XDA Trion is an OEM version of the HTC TyTN, the 3G, Windows Mobile 5.0 based PDA phone from HTC. Both these models are almost identical, save for the "QWERTZ" instead of "QWERTY" keyboard on the XDA Trion. Other than that, even their prices are the same—$899. » 8/31/06 5:30pm 8/31/06 5:30pm

i-Mate Releases JASJAM and SP JAS, Re-badged Versions of The HTC TyTN…

i-Mate continues the practice of letting the CEO's two year old child name their phones by releasing the i-Mate JASJAM and the i-MATE SP JAS. The JASJAM is their re-badged version of the HTC TyTN, and the SP JAS is their HTC MTeoR. Honestly, we can't decide which one of these two sets of names we dislike more. Though,… » 8/29/06 5:15pm 8/29/06 5:15pm

HTC TyTN Unboxing Gallery

Reader Zachary sends in loads and loads of pictures of his HTC TyTN, the 400MHz, 3G Windows Mobile 5 super-phone unboxing. It's enough to make an HTC fan both wet his pants and drool on himself. » 8/16/06 5:43pm 8/16/06 5:43pm

HTC's 2006 Roadmap

Our favorite amateur softcore pornographer BengalBoy got his hands on HTC's 2006 roadmap. HTC, in case you forgot, makes Windows Mobile 5-based smartphones for other manufacturers like QTek and Dopod to sell with their own branding. » 8/14/06 6:45pm 8/14/06 6:45pm

TyTN Business Smartphone Launches in Europe

Commence the singing of songs with word that the TyTN is making its debut this month in Europe. Last month, we (well, Dave from Mobility Today) dropped a hands-on look at the HTC TyTN, the business smartphone that's currently the "it" girl in the tech world. This smartphone combines a spacious 2.8-inch display with… » 8/11/06 10:22am 8/11/06 10:22am

Dopod 838 Pro - HTC Hermes Based PDA Phone

The Dopod 838 Pro is pretty much the same as the HTC Hermes/TyTN, but repackaged with a 360-degree jog wheel for navigation inside the Windows Mobile 5.0 interface. Like the TyTN, the 838 Pro has 802.11g WiFi, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, quad-band GSM, EDGE, UMTS, and HSDPA. » 8/03/06 5:09pm 8/03/06 5:09pm

CHT 9000: The First Chinese 3G PDA Phone

Pretty much a repackaged HTC TyTN (HTC Hermes), the CHT 9000 from Dopod is the first 3G Chinese PDA phone. If it keeps the HTC TyTN's design, there's Tri-Band UMTS, WiFi, and a slide-out keyboard with Chinese phonetic characters to enter in data. Running Windows Mobile 5, the phone has USB and microSD for connectivity… » 6/29/06 9:20pm 6/29/06 9:20pm

HTC to Offer Its Own Branded Smartphones

HTC is one of those behind-the-scenes companies that makes a lot of cellphones for other nameplates, but now it's walking into the smartphone arena with its own mobile handsets that it will brand HTC. This might be a little bit touchy, since HTC will now be sorta/kinda competing against some of its own customers,… » 6/15/06 4:43pm 6/15/06 4:43pm