A Spotter's Guide To The U-2 'Dragon Lady' And Its Many Configurations

The venerable U-2 'Dragon Lady' is a spy plane born from Cold War necessity that soldiered on operationally for decades past anyone's wildest dreams. She went from sleek design to a bulging beast of burden whose silhouette can change as fast as her mission requires it to. Here's a guide to her many configurations. » 3/09/14 6:54pm 3/09/14 6:54pm

R.I.P. Hervey Stockman, First Pilot to Fly a Spy Plane Over Soviet…

Hervey Stockman passed away today, leaving behind a legacy as the first man to pilot a dedicated spy plane in Soviet airspace. Taking the Lockheed U-2 into Communist territory in the middle of the Cold War, Stockman was able to collect data on the USSR while evading MiGs trying to intercept him. Stockman also happened… » 2/23/11 10:12pm 2/23/11 10:12pm

Each Time You Open Facebook, You'll Now Think of Bono

Bono (he out of U2, the perpetual-glasses-wearer and preacher) and his private equity company Elevation Partners have bought a larger stake in Facebook, acquiring 1.5 per cent of the site altogether. No-one at Elevation is planning on becoming a board member at Facebook or Yelp (where they also have a stake)… » 6/29/10 5:46am 6/29/10 5:46am

Bono Loves Own Voice So Much He Blasts New U2 Album Loud Enough for Fan…

Now, I know Bono is the kind of guy » 8/16/08 5:00pm 8/16/08 5:00pm that loves the sound of his own voice a whole lot, but his predilection for his own crooning apparently led to four tracks from U2's upcoming album getting leaked online. Bono was playing them so loud from his villa in southern France that a fan passing by recognized his voice and…

Asus U2 Laptop Rocks So Much Harder Than Bono

Asus has taken the gloves off, and with the world's eyes on the company in the wake of the widely successful Eee PC, they have the opportunity to upsell us with the sleek laptop designs they've promoted for a long time now. Their U2 notebook is ready for the challenge, a 11.1" widescreen Centrino laptop featuring a… » 12/22/07 11:32am 12/22/07 11:32am