Spooky underwater photos reveal Nazi submarine off the coast of Texas

Robert S. Ballard and his team of ocean explorers have taken new crystal-clear photos of a Nazi submarine in the Gulf of Mexico, right off the Texas' shoreline: U-166 was one of the many Kriegsmarine U-boats that swam like sharks waiting for prey around the United States' coast. Admire it in all its decrepit glory—in… » 7/15/14 5:58pm 7/15/14 5:58pm

How the Nazis Sunk the Largest Underwater Treasure In the World

It was a dark, ice-cold February. The merchant ship SS Gairsoppa was seeking refuge in Ireland when a Nazi U-boat sunk her. She was loaded with seven million ounces of silver » 9/26/11 5:47pm 9/26/11 5:47pm. That's worth $202.74 million in today's dollars.

Zombie U-Boat 33 Still Trying to Sink Ships in English Channel

A German submarine from World War I is threatening to surface again after it sank 89 years ago. Unterseeboot 33 is lying in shallow waters directly below the world's busiest shipping lane, and it is feared that, unless a salvage operation is launched, passing tankers, cargo and passenger ships could have an unwelcome… » 8/18/07 1:30pm 8/18/07 1:30pm