Chrysler UConnect In-Car Wi-Fi Detailed

Chrysler hasn't exactly hidden their intentions on bringing Wi-Fi to their automobiles, but today they've come forth with all the fun details. If you're interested in the UConnect service, the wireless broadband router will cost $449 plus another $50 for installation. Then, if you'd actually like to browse the web on… » 6/26/08 11:45am 6/26/08 11:45am

U-Connect Adapter Gives the Shuffle a Piece of that Sweet Docking Action

Because of its small size, the shuffle generally gets left out in the cold when it comes to docking with iPod accessories. Meanwhile, the big boys are docking with every cheap gadget and speaker accessory in sight. The folks at FastMac believe that it is high time the shuffle became a woman. Thanks to the U-Connect,… » 11/09/07 7:00pm 11/09/07 7:00pm