Can Portland Fix a Building That Pretty Much Everyone Despises?

It's basically a Portlandia sketch: What if a city held a rally to save a building in trouble and no one came? As part of our series Preservation Battle, we look at significant structures at a crossroads, and today we're examining Portland, Oregon's very-endangered—yet almost-universally-hated—Portland Building. »1/31/14 1:40pm1/31/14 1:40pm

Apple's Dumbest, Sloppiest iOS 7 Screwups, Collected in One Tumblr

So it's come to this. We knew iOS 7 had some dumb and frustrating imperfections, but hadn't scoured every bit of it for flaws in the small details that Apple used to nail. Well, some industrious design head has given Apple's new OS a proper fisking, and put all the screwups on a Tumblr. This might be what finally… »9/19/13 3:50pm9/19/13 3:50pm

Everything You Need To Totally Destroy Your Phone's Beautiful Design

The hard working industrial designers behind your favorite smartphone spend months perfecting the handset's design so it feels great in your hand, and easily squeezes into your pocket. Only to have a bevy of casemakers come along with ridiculous designs that completely negate all the effort that's been put into the… »4/10/12 4:49pm4/10/12 4:49pm