SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Reviewed (Verdict: Freakin' Sweet)

I've been a USB flash drive user for years. I'm finishing up college and I practically live on one of these between my laptop, desktop, labs and classes. I've been doing the 'ole file drag'n'drop for years. So reviewing a USB flash drive is about as entertaining as watching Snakes on a Plane—just kidding, Snakes on a… » 8/21/06 2:26pm 8/21/06 2:26pm

SanDisk U3 Cruzer Drives Are Skype Compatible

This sounds like more of a product promotion tie-in than a technological breakthrough, but the new SanDisk U3 Cruzer Smart Drives have Skype loaded in. You can keep all your contacts, account info, and the Skype program on the disk and use it on any old computer you visit—provided that computer has a mic and speakers. » 7/10/06 5:28pm 7/10/06 5:28pm