Windows 7 Networking and Security: HomeGroup, User Account Controls and More

For the average person, networking and security are two of the biggest causes of OS-related headaches, with so many settings, devices, alerts and threats to stay on top of. With Windows 7, Microsoft attempts a more useful approach to family networking with HomeGroup. It expands its security options, too, but does it… » 2/10/09 11:55am 2/10/09 11:55am

User Account Control Will Be Less Maddening in Windows 7

Microsoft has realized having a feature specifically designed to annoy you » 10/09/08 11:45am 10/09/08 11:45am is not so great for user happiness, so they're redesigning User Account Control in Windows 7 to be less horrible. Specifically, there will be fewer pop-ups (since there won't be as many dupes, like from IE) and when the red flag goes up, it'll…