How to Defend Your Home Against the Prying Eyes of UAVs

If you want protection from privacy intrusions by private UAV pilots, don't go all Annie Oakley on your neighbor's quadcopter like this guy; that's super illegal in most American cities. Instead, try these simple means of dissuasion. You'll definitely look like a bit of a loon, but that's just the price of freedom.… »10/04/14 12:00pm10/04/14 12:00pm

Smushing Three Robots Together Could Save Your Life

It would appear that we've finally reached the phase of UAV development where researchers get tired of coming up with new ideas and say, "You know what? Lets just smash a few of the ones we've already got together and see what happens." The result is, well, this ungainly mechanization but it's one that could save your… »9/23/14 6:02pm9/23/14 6:02pm

The Navy Has The Ultimate MH370 Search Tool, It's Just Not Operational

While the world is tied up in the mystery of what happened to Malaysian Air Flight 370, testers at Edwards AFB in south central California and at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland are hard at work developing the ultimate tool for solving such a mystery, the Northrop Grumman built MQ-4C Triton. »3/18/14 5:18pm3/18/14 5:18pm

Is Using Drones At Sports Events Actually A Crime? Should It Be?

Last month, the Nationals were seen using a four-rotor drone to take publicity photos. The FAA took issue. "No, we didn't get it cleared, but we don't get our pop flies cleared either and those go higher than this thing did," a team official told the AP afterward. Which pretty neatly sums up the FAA's conundrum with… »3/17/14 4:19pm3/17/14 4:19pm

How the Navy of the Future Will Find—And Destroy—Underwater Mines

You don't joke about mining important maritime trade routes—Iran did and nearly started WWIII. And while America's fleet of MH-53E Sea Dragons and Avenger-class mine countermeasures ships are still quite effective, they're getting really, really old. Both platforms entered service in the mid-1980s and are quickly… »5/30/13 3:08pm5/30/13 3:08pm

This Is the American Drone Shot Down by Somali Insurgents

The Twitter feed for Islamic extremist group al-Shabaab lit up on May 27 publishing photos of aircraft wreckage and extolling the virtues of the group's fighters who, after several hours of shooting, brought down an unmanned drone near the town of Buulo Mareer. The Pentagon's confirmation that it did lose the UAS,… »5/30/13 11:30am5/30/13 11:30am

The SkyRanger Flies in the Face of Inclement Weather

Quad-copters have become a popular choice for aerial surveillance tasks, in both the public and private sectors, thanks to their portability and ease of use. Problem is, their diminutive nature also limits where and when they can fly—high winds can knock them clear out of the air. The new SkyRanger sUAS, however, is… »5/24/13 11:30am5/24/13 11:30am