Uber Is Punishing Drivers for Following the Law 

Uber drivers attempting to follow the law are getting screwed by Uber in California. A Buzzfeed investigation revealed that Uber suspended at least 12 drivers last month for properly registering their cars as commercial vehicles. To get their jobs back, Uber said the drivers had to re-register the cars as personal… » 1/23/15 9:58am Friday 9:58am

5 Uber Alternatives For Your New Year's Eve Transportation Needs 

New Year's Eve is upon us, and with it comes the yearly late night transportation apocalypse. Everybody wants to go somewhere at the same time, and cabs to ferry drunk people around are in short supply. An Uber with a jacked up surge price is an option a lot of people will go for. But if you've had it with Uber's… » 12/31/14 12:35pm 12/31/14 12:35pm