IBM's Smarter Traveler Predicts the When, Where and How Long of Your…

Unless your morning routine is as predictable as Bill Murray's in Groundhog Day, chances are you don't catch the traffic report every morning, and even when you do, it's not tailored specifically for your commute. IBM's new Smart Traveler system takes care of that problem and then some for those of us who are a bit… » 4/13/11 8:20pm 4/13/11 8:20pm

Modular iMobot Will Search, Rescue and—Damn It All—Dance

If it's ever deployed as a rescuer, as designed, the iMobot will undoubtedly save lives and be everyone's favorite evening news robo hero. But I think the iMobot's moonlighting career as a breakdancer is where it will truly shine. » 3/27/11 3:00pm 3/27/11 3:00pm

Laser Backpack Builds Instant Virtual Interiors

A UC Berkley team has built a giant room-scanning backpack, brimming with lasers and cameras, that can map an interior and generate a 3D model. The potential utility for services like Google Maps is huge, but also, laser backpack. » 8/11/10 12:15pm 8/11/10 12:15pm

U.S. Scientists Take Big Step Toward Creating True Invisibility Cloak

University of California scientists today announced that significant progress has been made toward developing "metamaterials" for use in a legitimate invisibility cloak. The researchers, led by mad scientist Xiang Zhang, were able to demonstrate for the first time that they could cloak 3D objects with these materials.… » 8/10/08 8:00pm 8/10/08 8:00pm