Holy crap, check out the awesome new Lego Batman Tumbler!

Behold the Lego Ultimate Collector's Series Batman Tumbler, a 1,869-piece vehicle built to minifig (mini-land?) scale. That means it's huge: 15 by 9 inches long, with a gorgeous interior cockpit. It'll come with Dark Knight Batman and Joker (the Heath Ledger version) minifigs for $200 this September. » 7/21/14 12:36pm 7/21/14 12:36pm

High Tech Cockpit Controls Unmanned Aircraft

It may look like the ultimate gaming rig, but Raytheon's Universal Control System (UCS) is actually a high tech cockpit for real pilots. It sits them in front of a wrap-around display that makes them feel like running a real plane is just another day of Microsoft Flight Sim. The cockpit gives you the option of… » 11/01/06 6:50pm 11/01/06 6:50pm