How Windows 8 Makes Booting Up Pretty for the First Time in PC History

We already know Windows 8's bootup time is wicked fast. Now we know it's going to be wicked attractive too, with the same minimalist glory of Windows 7 Mobile and Metro. Goodbye, horrible decades-old DOS eye murder. Hello, beautiful booting. » 9/20/11 8:20pm 9/20/11 8:20pm

Phoenix's New Laptop BIOS Boots Windows 7 in 10 Seconds

That's Windows 7, not a mini-Linux OS like Splashtop. It's also from a powered-off state, not sleep mode. Pretty impressive. And much of that speed comes from turning on a laptop's devices (hard disk, ports, etc) in just 1 second. » 9/25/09 5:20pm 9/25/09 5:20pm