Verizon's BlackBerry Storm Private Pre-Sale Has No Storms

Oops. You know that pre-sale flyer »11/18/08 7:26am11/18/08 7:26am that was doing the rounds to Verizon "VIPs", the one with the BlackBerry Storm on the left hand side? Turns out that if you, a VIP, turn up at a store with that very flyer you'll not be able to buy a Storm ahead of its launch. You won't, in fact, be able to touch one to see what it's…

Microsoft Says Vista More Secure Than XP, OSX and Linux

Click to viewUh oh. You've done it this time, Jeff Jones. As the security strategy director in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing group, you've just made the bold claim that Vista, from a first year on the market comparison, has been more secure than Windows XP, Red Hat rhel4ws, Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, and Apple Mac OS X 10.4. »1/24/08 9:46am1/24/08 9:46am

Pirate Fighting Rumor: Apple Locking Hacked Apple TVs?

I was about to write a post—a non CTIA, non-cellphone post—about Apple TV hack tutorials over at Tutorial Ninjas. They've got Joost running on an Apple TV, along with a nice collection of useful hacks. Then I noticed they'd put up a post claiming that Apple used the Apple TV's live Internet connection to detect mods… »3/29/07 1:50am3/29/07 1:50am