Sony Considering Fashionably Late Entry Into Netbook Market

Considering just about every other laptop maker has entered the ULPC arena, it comes as no surprise that Sony's thinking about dipping its toes into netbooks as well. Sony exec Mike Abary told Laptop Magazine to "stay tuned" about the company's netbook plans, and added that "we are letting the pioneers of the market… » 9/16/08 2:30am 9/16/08 2:30am

Microsoft Offers Mega-Discount on WinXP to Low-Cost Laptop Makers

Ultra low-cost PCs such as OLPC's XO laptop could end up bundled with copies of Windows OS after all, if Microsoft's most recent scheme to grab market share works. The company is giving computer manufacturers Windows XP Home Edition at a steep discount to put on ULPCs, in hopes of luring them away from Linux. » 5/10/08 7:00pm 5/10/08 7:00pm