HP Mini 1000 is a Sleek, Svelte 10.2-inch Netbook With a Custom OS

HP's Mini 1000 is a 10.2-inch netbook that comes in at under 2.5 pounds and packs a 1.6 Ghz Atom processor, 16 GB SSD and up to 2 GB RAM under its highly portable shell. For now, it also comes complete with Windows XP, Bluetooth, VGA webcam, a removable USB drive molded into the fit and finish, and a keyboard thats… » 10/29/08 12:01am 10/29/08 12:01am

New York Times: Analysts Aren't So Big On The Netbook Movement

Today's New York Times has a trend piece on ULPCs/Netbooks/Nettops/Subnotebooks/Mini PCs/*Insert Buzzword Here* and analysts who fear their low prices will spell doom and gloom for the PC industry. They cite the already low profit margins for PC sales as an example of what could drive computer companies into the red.… » 7/21/08 11:13pm 7/21/08 11:13pm

SanDisks New pSSD is Aimed at Low-Cost Notebooks

SanDisk's new pSSD is a pATA drive aimed at the low-cost notebook PC sector— that range of ULPCs, MIDs and the like. Using Multi-Level Cell and Single-Level flash chip designs, the pSSD will have a read speed of about 39MB/sec and a streaming write speed of about 17MB/sec. Though there's no pricing info available,… » 6/03/08 4:49am 6/03/08 4:49am

Microsoft Goes Big Brother on Low-Cost PC Makers Using XP

According to confidential documents obtained by IDG News, Microsoft plans to issue a list of demands incentive-backed requests to ultra low-cost PC (ULPC) makers interested in Windows XP, such as Asus and OLPC, asking that their screens are smaller than 10.2 inches, hard drives are under 80 GB and touchscreens are not… » 5/12/08 4:31pm 5/12/08 4:31pm