Ultimate Cut-The-Crap In-Ear Headphone Battlemodo

Why do music lovers put up with cheap stock earbuds? You've spent hundreds of dollars on an MP3 player then effectively nullify your investment with headphones that suck the soul out of the music that you love. Choosing a higher-end set of earphones is almost impossible, since there are way too many, and they are… » 8/07/08 2:00pm 8/07/08 2:00pm

$1150, Quad-Driver, Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro Headphones

Ultimate Ears makes some of the best earphones I've ever heard, with the high end UE line made of custom molded pieces with multiple drivers inside. The UE-11 Pro raises the bar to having 4 in each ear, broken down into dual subs, a mid and tweeter. Audio sensitivity is 110dB at 1mW, which is very efficient. Available… » 8/01/07 9:48pm 8/01/07 9:48pm

First Look: Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro Reviewed (Verdict: Aural Sex)

What kind of sound comes out of $400 earphones? After reading our post announcing their imminent arrival, curious commenters asked me to let them know how these Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro babies sound, so I got one of the first pairs of these triple driver earphones and reviewed them for Digital Producer. The… » 10/23/06 10:08am 10/23/06 10:08am

Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones Available, Kinda

We teased you with a couple of pictures and a bit of info about the Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro earphones last week, and now we have more for you, namely, the pricing which will be $399. They're sorta available—you can now pre-order a pair of these three-driver nuggets of audio nirvana, and the company's website… » 10/05/06 1:38pm 10/05/06 1:38pm

Ultimate Ears metro.fi 2 Headphones Don't Cost a Fortune (For a Change)

While Ultimate Ears may be known for creating some pretty decent headphones, their high price often scares away many potential buyers. Enter the metro.fi 2, a pair of headphones with the distinctly Ultimate Ears looks, but for—get this!—a fraction of the price. Approximately $80 will nab you the headphones, which… » 9/29/06 5:01pm 9/29/06 5:01pm