First Look: Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Reviewed (Verdict: Aural Sex)

What kind of sound comes out of $400 earphones? After reading our post announcing their imminent arrival, curious commenters asked me to let them know how these Ultimate Ears 10 Pro babies sound, so I got one of the first pairs of these triple driver earphones and reviewed them for Digital Producer. The… »10/23/06 10:08am10/23/06 10:08am

Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones Available, Kinda

We teased you with a couple of pictures and a bit of info about the Ultimate Ears 10 Pro earphones last week, and now we have more for you, namely, the pricing which will be $399. They're sorta available—you can now pre-order a pair of these three-driver nuggets of audio nirvana, and the company's website… »10/05/06 1:38pm10/05/06 1:38pm

Ultimate Ears 2 Headphones Don't Cost a Fortune (For a Change)

While Ultimate Ears may be known for creating some pretty decent headphones, their high price often scares away many potential buyers. Enter the 2, a pair of headphones with the distinctly Ultimate Ears looks, but for—get this!—a fraction of the price. Approximately $80 will nab you the headphones, which… »9/29/06 5:01pm9/29/06 5:01pm