Samsung Soul Has Mighty Morphing Touchpad Display

Samsung's Ultra Edition range will get a revamp with their new Soul, a 7.2Mbps HSDPA cellphone which, at only 12.9mm thick, it comes with auto focus 5MP camera, 2.2" 320 x 240 pixel full-color display, SD slot and a touchpad display system that will morph the user interface, changing icons according to the application… » 2/08/08 3:55am 2/08/08 3:55am

Samsung E210, Plain Vanilla Cellphone With Fancy Pants On

Take a look at the Samsung E210, a good example of the level of pretty cellphone technology you can get for around $200. If you're not looking for email capability, Web access, a QWERTY keyboard, and a monthly cellphone bill that's more expensive than dinner at a New York steakhouse, maybe this 16.5mm-thin flip phone… » 5/25/07 9:07am 5/25/07 9:07am

Samsung's Ultra Edition 8.4 Unveiled as World's Thinnest 3G Cellphone

Samsung used Paris's Louvre Museum as its own corporate theme park recently when it showed off more additions to its Ultra Edition line of 3G cellphones, specifically the Ultra Edition 8.4. In order to prove that 3G cellphones aren't destined to remain bulky and generally unattractive for the duration of the standard,… » 8/30/06 11:30am 8/30/06 11:30am

Samsung's Ultra Edition Cellphone Line Expands by Two: the 11.8 Clamshell and 13.5 Slider

Samsung plans to release three more Ultra Edition cellphones by the end of the year, the first pictures of which have just hit the Internet. Pictures of the Ultra Edition 11.8—the clamshell Z620—and the slider Ultra Edition 13.5—model number unknown—were smuggled out of an exciting slideshow and are now available for… » 8/07/06 10:39am 8/07/06 10:39am