Asus Planning to Release Touchscreen Eee PC Within Six Months

Asustek executive Samson Hu has confirmed his company's plans to release a touchscreen Eee PC variant for sale by Q1 of 2009. It's not known whether the devices will look like the touch panel Eee mods » 10/09/08 7:10am 10/09/08 7:10am that have been floating around or take the shape of a tablet, but we'll see in January when the first models are shown…

Gigabyte's 3G-Capable MID M528 Coming Out On Sept 17 For $689

A release date and price has been set for UMPC contender Gigabyte's MID M528, a diminutive portable computer with a slide out keyboard, according to the folks over at UMPC Portal. A product page on Gigabyte's site put the cost at $689 and availability on Sept. 17. The page then disappeared, but not before intrepid… » 8/16/08 11:00am 8/16/08 11:00am

Asus' Ultimate Eee PC S101 Will Have 64GB SSD, $899 Price Tag

The shiny brown machine in the photo there is apparently the top-of-the-range Eee PC S101 that was shown in Asus' leaked presentation » 8/07/08 5:07am 8/07/08 5:07am last month. It looks just a little bigger than the white 901 model next to it, and it will be about 0.87-inches deep, have a 10.1-inch LED-lit LCD, and have an Intel Atom purring away…

Everex Targeting the Eee PC With the New "Cloudbook"

It appears that Everex, the same company that sent Wal-Mart shoppers into a tizzy of values with its Linux-based gPC , now has its sites set on the Asus Eee PC with a new ultra-portable dubbed the "Cloudbook." The device will feature a 7-inch screen and the same Linux gOS found in the gPC. A 1.3 megapixel webcam is… » 12/10/07 5:00pm 12/10/07 5:00pm

Unboxing the Uren V1 No Buttons Ultramobile PC

You'll stop laughing at the unfortunate name of this device about a minute into this video of PMPINSIDE's Uren V1 being unboxed. The slim in-car PC/UMPC hybrid packs all of the features we wrote about before: 1GHz processor, 30GB hard drive, Windows XP, GPS, FM transmitter, 3-megapixel camera, DMB TV tuner, two USB… » 12/28/06 12:04pm 12/28/06 12:04pm