Eee PC 1000H Price Drops Even Lower; $450 on Amazon, $360 on MWave

In case Asus' $100 price drop »9/08/08 10:30pm9/08/08 10:30pm in July just wasn't enough to make up your mind on whether to spring for a new Eee PC 1000H, the mini-marvel's gotten even cheaper now. Amazon is selling an 80GB, XP-equipped 1000H for just $450. Mwave also has several in stock for either $450 (while supplies last) or, if you're willing…

Gigabyte's 3G-Capable MID M528 Coming Out On Sept 17 For $689

A release date and price has been set for UMPC contender Gigabyte's MID M528, a diminutive portable computer with a slide out keyboard, according to the folks over at UMPC Portal. A product page on Gigabyte's site put the cost at $689 and availability on Sept. 17. The page then disappeared, but not before intrepid… »8/16/08 11:00am8/16/08 11:00am

Toshiba Demos UMPC Hand-Held Tablet Prototype, But Thinks it's Too Small

At a recent presentation, Toshiba demoed a little hand-held UMPC prototype, indicating that the company is considering that product market. The silver-framed machine has a 5.6-inch touchscreen, and runs Windows Vista on an Atom processor and 64GB of SSD storage, and even packs in GPS. Though the onscreen touch… »7/24/08 5:51am7/24/08 5:51am

Panasonic ToughBook CF-U1: Pricing and Specs of the Rugged Little Intel Atom UMPC

Panasonic may have "announced" the ToughBook CF-U1 back in March, but it's only now getting around talking speeds, feeds and wallet drain. Even though it uses Intel's "low cost" 1.33GHz Atom Z520 processor, the little ruggedized UMPC will arrive in August (or later, if the rumored Atom delay is true) at a starting… »6/25/08 11:40am6/25/08 11:40am

OQO Chipmaker VIA Launches NanoBook, the Cute L'il $600 PDA Killer

Today at the VIA Technology Forum in Taipei, people get the first glimpse of VIA's ultra mobile PC reference design, the NanoBook. Though the term "reference design" might suggest "concept product," this design is actually being picked up. In Europe, Packard Bell will ship it, and VIA will announce its US partner… »6/05/07 8:00am6/05/07 8:00am