Sprint's Samsung Upstage is Two-Face Without the Horrible Disfigurement

Just as we told you last night, the Samsung Ultra Music phone has been rebranded the "Upstage" and is taking its dual-sided music/calling to Sprint. The phone itself (see our grope and gallery of it from CES) has two faces, one with music controls and a larger screen and the back (front?) with a dialpad and a smaller… »3/26/07 5:04pm3/26/07 5:04pm


Samsung Ultra Music Phone: Colors Revealed, Probably Match Beyoncé's Underwear

We all knew Beyoncé was fronting Samsung's Ultra Phone, and we all guessed that the dual-screen cell would probably come in red, white, and black (we were so thankful they nixed it in pink), but did we have a clue that it would come in juicy orange and fabulous electric blue? Nope, we'll freely admit that we didn't… »3/19/07 9:15am3/19/07 9:15am

1-Minute Update: Samsung Ultra Music Phone Headed to Sprint

A couple of days ago I mentioned in my review of the Ultra Music that the Samsung rep wouldn't budge on who the U.S. carrier would be, only admitting after some prodding that it would be a CDMA phone. Well, our favorite publicly funded leak machine, the FCC, has apparently let it slip that Sprint will be its carrier,… »1/17/07 9:23pm1/17/07 9:23pm