Dell Inspiron 910 Gets Release Date: This Friday, September 5th.

We've been following the news and leaks on Dell's Eee PC answer, the Inspiron 910, and now here's some more info: we've learned it'll be released on September 5th. The news is not concrete, for sure, and there's no word on pricing, but that date's soon: this Friday, ultra-portable PC fans. Update: The Wall St Journal… »9/02/08 7:20am9/02/08 7:20am

Leaked: Dell Inspiron 910 (Mini Note) Specs and Release Date

A few weeks ago we ran some rumored specs of Dell's answer to the Eee, the Dell Inspiron 910 (aka Mini Inspiron and Inspiron Mini). Now we've gotten our hands on the full (internal) 910 web documentation. Along with scoping shots from every angle, we've learned that the 910 will support SSDs up to 16GB and has what… »8/18/08 12:01pm8/18/08 12:01pm

Specs and Prices for Lenovo's Ideapad S9 Lite Notebook Hits Web

Lenovo recently went official with details on the upcoming Ideapad S10 ultra-portable notebook, and now there's data on a little brother version, the S9 Lite. The S9 will have a slightly smaller screen, at 8.9-inches, with a 300-kilopixel webcam, 512MB of RAM and a 4GB SSD. It's got the same Atom N270 and 945 GSE… »8/18/08 4:43am8/18/08 4:43am

Fujitsu Siemens Could Debut Amilo Mini Notebook on August 28

Fujitsu Siemens looks like it's about ready to launch the svelte Amilo Mini. According to IDG News, the company has announced a press event for August 28 at the IFA show in Berlin, and the signs and portents indicate a big reveal could happen at that time. The specs don't really differentiate the Amilo Mini from the… »8/17/08 3:50pm8/17/08 3:50pm

Everun Note UMPC is First to Pack Dual-Core Processor, Says Raon Digital

The latest entry into the UMPC market first stirred-up by the Eee PC is this new ultra-light from Raon Digital. It's beefy inside despite its tiny size, packing a dual-core CPU—AMD Turion—which, according to the makers, is a first. It looks barely bigger across than its 7-inch screen (with 1024 x 600 pixels), but… »8/12/08 5:14am8/12/08 5:14am

Lenovo's Ideapad S10 Ultra-Portable Notebook PC Officially Due in September

Lenovo's gone official with details on its Ideapad S10 ultra-portable notebook: it'll come with Windows XP pre-installed, measure 9.8 x 7.2 inches, weigh just 2.4-pounds in its lightest configuration, and pack in a LED back-lit 10-inch screen. Powered by Intel Atom N270 and 945 GSE express chipset, the diminutive PC… »8/04/08 6:00am8/04/08 6:00am

Sneak Peek: Lenovo's Upcoming $399 IdeaPad S10 Ultraportable

Liliputing links to a video this evening of what they describe as a first look at Lenovo's upcoming low-cost ultraportable laptop. The video's creator said he shot the video at an "electronics holiday preview show in New York a few weeks ago." These mystery Lenovo laptops will purportedly come in 8.9 inch and 10.1… »8/03/08 9:00pm8/03/08 9:00pm

Nvidia Tegra All-in-One Mobile Processors Aim to Nuke Intel's Atom, Promise 30 Hours HD Playback

Nvidia's launch of its Tegra processors makes World War Mobile official, with multiple major players cramming serious juice into tiny, ultra efficient chips for a range of mobile devices. Nvidia is calling Tegra "the world's first computer on a chip for mobile visual computers" which squeezes a CPU, GPU, system memory… »6/02/08 1:01am6/02/08 1:01am

Subnotebook vs. UMPC vs. Netbook: WTF Is the Difference?

When Blam broke the news on Dell's mini Inspiron, there was one he was stuck on: How to categorize it. Is it a subnotebook? A UMPC? A netbook? (Knowing the specs might have helped, but probably not much.) Part of the problem is that the category names themselves are very new and pretty vague. Here's a mini-compendium… »5/30/08 5:00pm5/30/08 5:00pm