Apple Docking Patent Works Perfectly with Ultra-Slim MacBook

This Apple docking station patent shows a screen base in which you can slide in a MacBook through its side. While this would be difficult to do with current MacBook models, it fits perfectly with the idea of the ultra-light, ultra-slim MacBook that allegedly will be presented at MacWorld. Basically, the patent shows… »1/03/08 6:30am1/03/08 6:30am

Pantech Slim Phone: Maglev Makes It Skinnier But Doesn't Make You Float

At 9.99mm (0.39 inches), Pantech's new slim phone is the skinniest slide-phone currently on the market, beating Samsung by 3mm. And, in a cellphone first, it's all down to Magnetic Levitation, the same technology that is used by Japan's Bullet Trains some high speed trains. The phone also sports a 1.3-megapixel… »3/15/07 9:31am3/15/07 9:31am

Samsung Z720 Ships: Ultra-Slim Slider With Ultra-Fast Data

Jaws dropped when Samsung unveiled its Z720 Ultra Edition 13.8 cellphone last summer, and now the company is actually shipping the tiny slider in Europe. Despite its 13.8mm-thin slimness (that's why it's called the 13.8), it still packs a 3-megapixel autofocus camera and also has a front camera to enable video calls.… »12/28/06 2:02pm12/28/06 2:02pm