NASA reveals the most colorful and detailed image of the Universe

NASA has unveiled "the most colorful view of the Universe" ever captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Part of a study called the Ultraviolet Coverage of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, it's "a composite of separate exposures taken in 2003 to 2012 with Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys and Wide Field Camera 3." »6/04/14 1:26am6/04/14 1:26am

How Extreme Ultraviolet Light Is Set to Make Your Processor Faster

You may already know that silicon chips are etched using deep ultraviolet lithography, but you might not realise that we've reached the limit of what can be done using normal UV rays. Fortunately a new kind of light, called Extreme Ultraviolet, is about to land in the hands of chip manufacturers—and it should help… »8/07/13 5:37am8/07/13 5:37am

Walmart's For-Pay Blu-ray Ripping Is Now Slightly Less Annoying, Still Way Overpriced

If you're looking to convert DVDs and BluRay discs to a digital format and want it to be easy, but not too easy, and definitely not free, Walmart has the service for you. They're automating their Disc-to-Digital service so you can get UltraViolet versions of movies you've already bought. »1/07/13 11:51am1/07/13 11:51am

Hollywood's Digital Movie Locker Finds a Home in Amazon and Samsung's Hallways

The UltraViolet Initiative hasn't exactly been the iTunes-killer Hollywood had hoped for. The File-Locker system, designed to simplify the process of owning one piece of content across multiple formats, has floundered in its first few months with poor reviews, unhappy customers and little industry support. But now… »1/10/12 9:33pm1/10/12 9:33pm

Hollywood Openly Wants to Turn Netflix Into a Cesspool of Shitty Movies You Don't Want to Watch

It's been obvious for a long time that Hollywood is not exactly BFF with Netflix, most obviously manifested in the rental windows that make subscribers wait a month for new moviesif not longer—as Hollywood tries to milk as much DVD revenue as possible before it all dries up. Despite Hollywood's efforts to cramp its… »3/08/11 10:49am3/08/11 10:49am

WaterMill Automagically Pulls Clean Drinking Water from Thin Air

A bit like Dean Kamen's miraculous water distiller »10/01/08 5:47am10/01/08 5:47am, only not quite so fancy or miraculous, is the WaterMill drinking water collector. It's basically a clever dehumidifier that collects airborne water and filters and purifies it with an ultraviolet sterilizer, providing you with up to 3.2 gallons of water per day. And…

Spy Pen Writes with Invisible Ink, Illuminates with Ultraviol, Then Shreds Messages

Ever get caught passing a note in class? Instead of swallowing the evidence, you droogs can just shred that little piece of your personal life, and your privacy will be intact with this ultraviolet spy pen with a message shredder built in. Ultraviolet? Yes, the pen also writes messages with special ink that can only… »11/29/07 3:00pm11/29/07 3:00pm

Fujifilm IS Pro Digital SLR Camera Has Predator Vision

Forget the visible light spectrum, any camera can hack that. The Fujifilm IS Pro is the most recent camera in Fujifilm's pro lineup that can shoot in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums as well. Tooled for professional snoops, it also has such gumshoey features as one-touch black-and-white Live Image Preview, post… »7/13/07 6:03pm7/13/07 6:03pm