This All-Carbon Fiber Ultrabook Weighs Just 2.1 Pounds

Carbon fiber has, without doubt, got to be one of the most exotic materials you can choose to build things out of: race cars, road bikes and, umm, laptops? It seems that the Dell XPS 13 has started a trend because now Gigabyte is hot on its heels with an all-carbon fiber notebook which is, as you'd expect, insanely… »5/31/12 5:35am5/31/12 5:35am

Intel: Your Next Laptop Will Be a Touchscreen Clamshell

Things are certainly changing in personal computing: laptops are getting smaller and slimmer; tablets are becoming more useful productivity tools; and the whole sector can't quite reach a consensus over what the future holds. But then, Intel drops into conversation that it firmly believes in the one technology most… »4/03/12 3:54am4/03/12 3:54am

Intel's Wooing Companies Into Creating Ultra-Thin Ultrabooks

Running on Ivy Bridge, loaded with Thunderbolt ports and costing under $1,000, Intel's Ultrabook laptop segment is expected to be big news in late 2012—if you believe what Intel's saying, anyway. Digitimes claims Intel's attempting to lure 40 per cent of laptop manufacturers into creating Ultrabooks, but until Intel… »7/04/11 10:40am7/04/11 10:40am