5.11 Tactical Series UC3.400 Flashlight Might Be the Last Torch You'll Ever Need

And it does it all without batteries of any kind. That is, if it ever comes to light (ugh). Slated for release in 2009, the 5.11's Light for Life UC3.400 LED flashlight uses the almost mystical power of an ultracapacitor »11/09/08 5:00pm11/09/08 5:00pm to achieve a full 23.5-hour charge in 90 seconds. This torch is expensive at $170, but the makers…

Hype Bubbling Back Up for EEStor's State-of-the-Art-Defying Battery Killer

The hype for EEStor's mythical battery-killing, capacitor-based technology that we've been hearing about for a while keeps coming, re-ringing promises of, for instance, a five-minute plug-in time for a car to make a 500-mile trip. Naturally, details on how EEStor has managed to accomplish a feat academics have been… »9/05/07 9:45am9/05/07 9:45am