Dell 3008WFP-HC, 30 Inches of Widescreen Swank

Dell has gone monitor-crazy lately, and adding to yesterday's rollout of its gorgeous Dell Crystal monitor, now the company's updated its 30-inch display line, and this one's called the Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP-HC. We've had one in-house here for the past month, beholding its huge expanse and basking in its 2560x1600… » 1/04/08 11:10am 1/04/08 11:10am

Dell 30-inch UltraSharp LCD with DisplayPort Surfaces Online

Dell's New Zealand site has posted a 30-inch UltraSharp LCD that includes DisplayPort support along with the other usual suspects as far as inputs go. The 1600p behemoth is selling on the site for $2699 NZD ($2048 USD). No U.S. release info has been announced. (UPDATE: Also on the U.S. site for $2034. Thanks, DShankar » 12/19/07 12:17am 12/19/07 12:17am

Dell 3007WFP-HC LCD Gets Pumped For HP Showdown

Dell's XPS wasn't the only thing that got an update this morning. Their highly-coveted 30-inch monitor also got some modest, yet very welcome upgrades. The UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC now has a 92 percent color gamut, which Dell claims will deliver brighter, crisper colors. It also has a faster 8ms grey-to-grey response… » 11/14/06 10:30am 11/14/06 10:30am

Dealzmodo: Dell UltraSharp 2407FPW 24" Widescreen LCD

We've shown you some hot deals with Dealzmodo, where lots of the great things of life truly are free or just about, and now we have a deal that's not free, but a great bargain anyway. Look at that kick-ass monitor, the Dell UltraSharp 2407FPW 24" widescreen LCD. It's selling right now for $703 including shipping. I'm… » 8/11/06 12:45pm 8/11/06 12:45pm

Dell Shares the UltraSharp LCD Love with the Rest of the World

Pardon me for being a bit of a fanboy, but the Dell UltraSharp LCD displays are really the cat's pajamas of the LCD world and it should be considered a crime against humanity to prevent the rest of the world from enjoying the UltraSharp LCD displays. Dell has announced today the release of three UltraSharp LCDs for… » 6/06/06 11:11am 6/06/06 11:11am