Unlock Tool Ultrasn0w Now Available for iPhone 4

It took them a while, but the iPhone Dev-Team's carrier unlock tool Ultrasn0w is here, and ready for downloading to jailbroken iPhone 4s. It goes without saying to proceed with caution. [Dev-Team via Redmond Pie] » 8/04/10 3:40am 8/04/10 3:40am

iPhone Dev Team Unlocks iPhone 3.0 With New "UltraSn0w"

The iPhone Dev Team, jailbreakers of all things iPhone, have released a demonstration video of a version of yellowsn0w they dub "ultrasn0w" that purportedly unlocks every version of the iPhone running everything from 3.0 on down the line. » 6/16/09 11:45pm 6/16/09 11:45pm