American Express My WishList Post-Black-Friday Super Deals Go Live Nov. 27

We just got the advance word on the American Express holiday My WishList deals, running from November 27 to December 13. If you recall, Amex sells certain hot products for super cheap in very limited supplies, but you have to go to the site and try to buy it on a certain day (and yes, with an American Express card).… » 11/21/07 12:00am 11/21/07 12:00am

Ultrasone Edition 9 Headphones: Audio Ecstasy On Your Head

We're big fans of Ultrasone headphones, and now the company brings its coveted Edition series down to near-earth orbit. The Ultrasone Edition 9 keeps most of the same features of its $3105 Edition 7 brother, but loses that beautiful piano-like dark blue finish in favor of flashy chrome, while keeping its Ethiopian… » 10/06/06 12:28pm 10/06/06 12:28pm

Ultrasone Edition 7 Luxury Headphones: High-End Sound and Style

If you've ever heard Ultrasone headphones (in fact, we
re wearing a pair right now), you know their S-Logic Surround Sound makes you jump back, wondering if you're actually experiencing a live music performance. Now Ultrasone has released its Edition 7 Luxury Headphones, a handmade version of these exquisite listening… » 3/13/06 12:10pm 3/13/06 12:10pm