Watch Unborn Twins Kick Each Other Inside the Womb

Sharing a small space with another person in real life is already difficult, can you imagine sharing space inside a mother's womb? Insane! But twins do it all the time and they seem to get along quite well after too. But it's not exactly happy go peaches, in this video you can see the twins kicking each other for… » 12/05/12 2:00am 12/05/12 2:00am

Scientists Nearing Creation of Sound Cloak, Breaking Laws of Physics

While some work toward an invisibility cloak, University of Illinois professor Nicholas Fang is taking steps to create a similar material, only for sound, that could, for example, make ships invisible to SONAR. To successfully do this, of course, requires we break the laws of physics. But, you know, whatever. » 5/30/09 11:15am 5/30/09 11:15am

Air Force Wants Bat-Senses In Micro Spy Drones For "Urban Combat"

We've seen bat-like » 10/30/08 12:15pm 10/30/08 12:15pm , and even heard of genuine , but now the Pentagon is after micro UAVs with genuine echolocation bat-senses, for real. The Air Force has just awarded a new contract to develop swarms of micro drones that use bat-inspired echolocation for navigation through the complex airspace in urban…

Ultrasound Haptic Devices Can Project Tactile Shapes Into Thin Air

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have demonstrated a device that can create touchable, creepily invisible floating "objects" using focused ultrasound waves. Though the technology is in the early testing stages, its designers have already expressed an interest in weaponi- I mean, commercializing » 9/02/08 8:20pm 9/02/08 8:20pm it for possible…