This Umbrella Gives You Goggles to Look Through It

Sure, it may look goofy to have a window pane cutout of goggles on your umbrella but think about the times when rain and neckbreaking wind hook up to create horizontal water bullets aimed for your face. With the Goggle Umbrellas, you have protection! And it's not as gossip girly as clear bubble umbrellas. $44 for a… » 2/23/11 12:20am 2/23/11 12:20am

Filterbrella: A Water-Filtering Umbrella For Freebie Drinks

If you have purchased a bottle of purified water recently, you know that it can be crazy expensive to get a drink that doesn't taste like it was filtered through a bucket of pennies. Still, if you live in a rainy climate and you can't bear to drink out of the tap, this Filterbrella concept could be your ticket to… » 5/27/08 7:20pm 5/27/08 7:20pm

UFO Cap Makes You Look Like Spin Top, Repels Rain and Women

Sure, you could wear a raincoat if you don't feel like carrying an umbrella, but does it really keep you dry? I didn't think so. And are raincoats "the wings for your arms"? No. UFO Cap does all of that and more, like keep away pesky girls asking you out for drinks. Sadly, it's Korea-only for now, but I'm pretty sure… » 4/04/08 3:30pm 4/04/08 3:30pm