Indian Spice Phone Has Optical Disk Drive For 2.5 Hour Movies

It's really unlikely that this Movie Phone from the Indian cellphone maker Spice would make it anywhere besides India, but it's an amazing phone because of what it's got on the back: an optical drive. This h.264 optical drive loads into the back of the phone much like UMDs into a PSP, and can fit a 2.5 hour film into… » 2/11/08 7:00pm 2/11/08 7:00pm

Rumor: Sony UMD Movies Vanish from Target Store Shelves

Our pencil-necked gamester in-laws at Kotaku gathered a rumor today, where an employee of the vast retail empire Target noticed that Sony's proprietary UMD movies had suddenly disappeared from his store. Could it be the doomed format's death rattles are beginning to bear their certain, inevitable fruit? » 7/12/06 12:35pm 7/12/06 12:35pm

, as did…