Dell Mini 9 Netbook Gets 32GB Solid State Drive Option For a Measly $100

Dell's Mini 9 may be going for a pretty good price already (and an irritating disk error) but check out this deal sweetener: Dell's added a 32GB SSD option for just $100. The base model with that larger solid state drive is thus $449—and to me, that's pretty bonkers good value. [Dell via Engadget via Geekygadgets] »11/24/08 7:58am11/24/08 7:58am

Fujitsu Introduces Lifebook P1630 and U820 Tablets For Small People, Very Small People

In a long-awaited refresh to their tablet lines, Fujitsu has announced considerable upgrades for its U and P series. The comically small 5.6" U820, following in the dainty footsteps »11/04/08 8:00am11/04/08 8:00am of the U810, gets improved battery life, GPS, a super-sharp WSXGA touchscreen and a 1.6GHz Atom processor, somehow weighing in at just…

How To Hack an Eee PC and Install It in Your Car Dashboard

One of the great things about netbooks like the Eee PC is all of the potential »10/23/08 6:00pm10/23/08 6:00pm for . This particular hack comes to us via a Russian owner who managed to turn it into a carputer for his Honda Fit. With the monitor in the dash and a wireless keyboard in the glovebox, the Eee PC transforms into an XP-driven media device…