Asus' N10 Non-Eee UMPC Gets Some Hands-On Action, More Specs

While information has been arriving in fits and starts on Asus' new N10 » 9/18/08 4:57am 9/18/08 4:57am non-Eee ultra-portable, over at they got a teeny hands-on view of the PC. The 10-inch machine (which Asus was keen to stress as a notebook not a netbook) is due to come in N10E and N10J versions, with the main differences being the HDD and…

Everun Note UMPC is First to Pack Dual-Core Processor, Says Raon Digital

The latest entry into the UMPC market first stirred-up by the Eee PC is this new ultra-light from Raon Digital. It's beefy inside despite its tiny size, packing a dual-core CPU—AMD Turion—which, according to the makers, is a first. It looks barely bigger across than its 7-inch screen (with 1024 x 600 pixels), but… » 8/12/08 5:14am 8/12/08 5:14am

Via's Nano Beats Intel's Atom in Apples and Oranges Test

Via's Nano » 7/30/08 8:45am 7/30/08 8:45am and Intel's low-power processors are intended for slightly different purposes, but that didn't stop pitting them against each other in performance tests, and coming up with some interesting results. In every single benchmark, the beefier Nano beat the Atom. In particular it was 59% better in MP3 encoding…

Furryrobo: Sleeping Bags For the Macbook Air and Eee PC

If you thought the AirMail case was a little on the bizarre side, get a load of these sleeping bags designed to custom fit your Macbook Air or any 7" UMPC (Eee PC included). Each bag features a waterproof nylon surface combined with shock-absorbent quilted 5mm PE foam and leather trim. It's the perfect way to keep… » 6/25/08 2:00pm 6/25/08 2:00pm

Panasonic ToughBook CF-U1: Pricing and Specs of the Rugged Little Intel Atom UMPC

Panasonic may have "announced" the ToughBook CF-U1 back in March, but it's only now getting around talking speeds, feeds and wallet drain. Even though it uses Intel's "low cost" 1.33GHz Atom Z520 processor, the little ruggedized UMPC will arrive in August (or later, if the rumored Atom delay is true) at a starting… » 6/25/08 11:40am 6/25/08 11:40am

Kohjinsha SX Series: For When Your Mini-Notebook Obsession Grows Up

While Asus has brought mini-notebooks to US shores, for the best stuff you've still got to import. The Kohjinsha SX Series is a 2.8lb laptop with a few interesting quirks. Powered by an Atom processor, the 8.9-inch Vista system can convert to tablet with the rotation of the convertible touchscreen. And to make sure… » 6/24/08 9:40am 6/24/08 9:40am

Nvidia Tegra Videos Show Quake III at 35fps, 3D UI Running Like Butter

Nvidia talks a big game about how awesome its mobile Tegra processors are, but paper muscles tear when wet. They've got some videos showing that there is at least some meat behind the pulp. Above the fold is Quake III running at 35fps with anti-aliasing turned on, while below is HD video output at 720p via HDMI out,… » 6/03/08 9:00pm 6/03/08 9:00pm

Nvidia Tegra All-in-One Mobile Processors Aim to Nuke Intel's Atom, Promise 30 Hours HD Playback

Nvidia's launch of its Tegra processors makes World War Mobile official, with multiple major players cramming serious juice into tiny, ultra efficient chips for a range of mobile devices. Nvidia is calling Tegra "the world's first computer on a chip for mobile visual computers" which squeezes a CPU, GPU, system memory… » 6/02/08 1:01am 6/02/08 1:01am

Via Launches Crysis-Capable Nano Processors

Via's next-gen Isaiah processors that they're hoping will break them into the mainstream market just got all official, going by the more consumer-friendly Nano moniker. When we talked with Via about them last week, they said that Isaiah-based processors will deliver 4x the performance of their current C7 chips (which… » 5/29/08 2:57am 5/29/08 2:57am