FCC Says T-Mobile Getting Third 3G Phone, the Samsung t819

If two is a coincidence and three is a trend, then T-Mobile's third 3G phone, Samsung's slidin' t819, will solidify the carrier's commitment to rolling out a 3G UMTS network in the spring, delayed from the original promise of Q4 2006. This FCC leak comes on the heels of the Nokia 6263 arrival, but also after the… »12/12/07 11:43am12/12/07 11:43am

Qualcomm To Build Universal Super Chip for GSM 3G, EV-DO and 700MHz Roaming

Everybody is getting into the cellphone industry's new spirit of openness. Google pushes for open networks for the 700MHz wireless network to be, Verizon answers the call with a pledge to make its network available to all technology, and now Verizon's longtime companion, Qualcomm, has unveiled a chip that will be the… »12/03/07 1:23pm12/03/07 1:23pm

What's In Nokia's Future? Exec Talks Symbian, GPS, WiMax and More

Mobile freaks know that Nokia is a funny company, at the same time the biggest brand in handsets worldwide, and a niche player in the American cellphone market. This week, I sat down with Bill Plummer, Nokia's North America VP of sales and channel management for Multimedia to discuss matters Nokia faces in the… »4/27/07 3:00pm4/27/07 3:00pm

T-Mobile's Announces 3G Data over UMTS, Late Better Than Never

Sometimes, peer pressure is good. One case: cellular data. While Sprint, Verizon, and even Cingular are already playing around with 3G speeds, T-Mobile, was stuck rocking the square EDGE/GPRS data connections that run at a little more than 100+Kbps. Until today. TMo just announced that they're finally going 3G,… »10/09/06 7:59pm10/09/06 7:59pm

T-Mobile Wins Large Chunks of 3G Spectrum, What Does This Means To You?

In a recent auction hosted by the FCC, T-Mobile won a large chunk of the 1700MHz and 2100Mhz band, which is used 3G data communications. T-Mobile grabbed up 120 bids covering 474 million people, which means they have multiple spectrums covering the super-urban areas, where coverage is spottier thanks to more… »9/18/06 9:00pm9/18/06 9:00pm