Review: Sony's Complete Bravia Link Home Theater System

While many of us have our collection of nice electronic toys, most of us can't afford to walk into a store, take a look at a company like Sony's complete line of Bravia media add-ons and walk out with it all. And your conscience might stop you anyway-even if your wallet could take the hit, you know enough to look… » 11/17/08 12:01pm 11/17/08 12:01pm

T-Mobile G1 Unboxed, Ready For Belt Clips Everywhere

Here's the first full unboxing of T-Mobile's G1 » 10/02/08 6:50am 10/02/08 6:50am Android phone which, despite the rabid anticipation of the device, manages to be pretty boring. We're glad to see it out in the wild, but the lame carrying case and decision to include the trademark uncomfortable HTC earphones, complete with a chunky mic. But as my…

In Spite of Downloadable Movies, I Still Choose Blu-ray

Since Blu-ray was announced, there's been a lot of talk about its impending obsolescence in the face of digital downloads. Just last week, Samsung took a low blow » 9/25/08 5:20pm 9/25/08 5:20pm at the format, predicting its lifespan to be only five years. Sony , claiming that the "Blu-ray format will not only coexist with the networked era, but…

Comcast's Video Download Store Is Wholly Unremarkable

Comcast's internet video site, Fancast, used to be a place to check out Hulu clips and waste away your data cap » 9/03/08 1:10pm 9/03/08 1:10pm along with your brain. Now it's a place to buy and rent full-length movies a la Amazon Unbox or iTunes to play on your Windows PC (and up to two other authorized computers). Filled with the same $3.99…

Netflix's Roku Box To Expand Its Horizons, Could Stream Hulu

The already impressive Roku streaming box will expand its services beyond Netflix's VOD adding new "big name" content providers in the future. Roku is taking the coy approach for now, but rumors of a flash-enabled browser to stream Hulu (which now streams at 480p resolution), YouTube and the various individual network… » 7/02/08 4:14pm 7/02/08 4:14pm

Amazon-Pepsi Promotion Gets Official and Awesome: Free MP3s, Unbox Downloads, DVDs, CDs and Gadgets

Good news on the Pepsi-Amazon MP3 contest front: It's official, it's not a contest and they've giving away more than MP3s. It's a point-based promo that launches on Feb. 1, with 4 billion Pepsi products carrying points that you can bank on PepsiStuff.com for MP3s from Amazon store, which now has tracks from all four… » 1/14/08 12:55pm 1/14/08 12:55pm

Helio Ocean Manual, the Whole Manual, and Nothing But the Manual

Ocean fanatics are a hungry mob, maybe some would say obsessed. Some of you actually requested shots of the well-illustrated manual. Here's the whole thing, all 150 pages of it, in case you're going for that "virtual ownership" experience. Remember to click to the thumbnail view to skip around. » 5/09/07 2:43pm 5/09/07 2:43pm