Uncle Sam was (probably) a real dude

As the physical embodiment of all things American, Uncle Sam has been used to represent the likes of freedom, Big Brother, consumerism, fetus-snatching, and everything in between. But just over 200 years ago, this anthropomorphized flag of a man was an actual, living human being—and a too-weak-to-enlist one, at that. »9/28/14 9:45pm9/28/14 9:45pm


Digital TV Converter Coupons From Uncle Sam Available Now, Old People Rejoice

Old people love coupons, especially ones worth 40 bucks, which buys a lot of Metamucil. They're also the people most likely to need digital converter boxes for analog sets to receive digital over-the-air broadcasts after Feb. 2009. So I'm happy to report that your gramps you can pick up his $40 coupon for the box here »1/02/08 4:40pm1/02/08 4:40pm

Senate Passes Seven-Year Extension of Net Access Tax Ban

Showing the House who's in the lower chamber of the bicameral setup, the Senate passed a seven-year extension on the net tax ban, three years longer than the four-year ban that passed the House. Better deal for us, right? Well, since they didn't match up exactly, they'll have to work together to hammer out the… »10/26/07 11:40am10/26/07 11:40am

House Judiciary Votes to Extend Ban on Net Access Tax by Four More Years

The ban on taxing your intertube access is set to drop dead next month, but signs are looking decent it's taxation you won't have to worry about for at least another few years—the House Judiciary Committee voted 38 to zip passing an amendment to the Internet Tax Freedom Act that stretches the tax-freeness out another… »10/11/07 7:20pm10/11/07 7:20pm