Undercover Cops Are Selling iPhones On The Street To Get People To Stop…

In San Francisco police are trying a new tactic to disincentivize people from buying stolen iPhones: they're trapping them in undercover stings. Wearing plain clothes, the officers are going around certain city areas and selling iPhones which they readily indicate are stolen. When someone tries to buy one, they make… » 4/28/13 8:00pm 4/28/13 8:00pm

Clandestine Photos From Inside Foxconn's Factory

The stories by Liu Zhi Yi—the undercover reporter inside Foxconn's factory in Shenzhen—were depressing. These photos make them even sadder. Gloomy atmosphere, people fighting, and long lines of unemployed trying to get into the 400,000-people factory. » 5/20/10 9:36am 5/20/10 9:36am

Undercover Report From Foxconn's Hell Factory

Chinese newspaper Southern Weekly sent 20-year-old reporter Liu Zhi Yi undercover in Foxconn's factory in Shenzhen, China. For 28 days, he experienced dreadful conditions that the factory's 400,000 employees endure, churning out iPods, iPads, and iPhones for Apple nonstop. » 5/19/10 2:00pm 5/19/10 2:00pm

Confessed Spy Convicted of Exporting U.S. Crypto Gear to China

A Chinese national was convicted this week of smuggling and other charges over his efforts to acquire sensitive military and NSA-encryption gear from eBay and other internet sources. » 5/13/10 8:00pm 5/13/10 8:00pm

Undercover Bird Feeder Slows Crime In Its Tracks

Retired police officer Bill Angus hates speeding almost as much as he loves birds. So he did what any reasonable person would do: design a feeder that looks exactly like a speed camera, and mount it in his front yard. » 2/22/10 11:20am 2/22/10 11:20am

Orbicule Undercover, Mac Security++

Meet Orbicule's Undercover, the king of all laptop security software. This little piece of software has the ability to trace the location of lost or stolen Macs. Undercover will check with a big server to see if the computer is on the missing/stolen list. If it is, then IP information and screenshots will be collected… » 1/20/06 7:54am 1/20/06 7:54am