Wife Uses eBay to Humiliate Cheating Husband and His Fat Lover

For some strange reason, an Australian woman thinks that putting for sale a photo of her cheating husband's lover underpants on eBay-along with a empty condom wrapper-is a perfect way to humiliate them both. But why just a photo? It didn't make much sense to me until I learnt about eBay's weird no-secondhand underwear… »8/14/08 10:20am8/14/08 10:20am

Underpants Measure Blood Pressure Without Inconvenient Bulges

Moving the world forward one inch at a time, Philips has developed underpants that can monitor your blood pressure. And no, before you get your hopes up (this post is a trap!), the sensors are not where where you think but on the waistband. We can only hope the final models are better looking than the zero-sex-appeal… »5/20/08 12:40pm5/20/08 12:40pm