Confused Sharks Keep Trying to Eat Google's Undersea Data Cables

Laying fiber optic cables down on the ocean floor is a massive undertaking in its own right. But now, Google actually has to go back and reinforce some of its thousands of miles of undersea cable—because hungry sharks keep mistaking the world's data lines for lunch. » 8/14/14 12:01pm 8/14/14 12:01pm

Google Funds An Undersea Cable to Connect the US to Asia at 60 Tbps

The US and Asia will soon be connected by a trans-Pacific cable network that will carry data at — hold your breath — 60 terabits per second. » 8/12/14 4:15am 8/12/14 4:15am

These Are All the Cables That Carry the Internet Under the Sea

The Internet connects us all, but it's easy to take for granted what a crazy accomplishment that is. After all, plenty of us live on different land-masses. We've got to get that sweet, sweet Internet across the deep blue sea somehow, and these are the underwater 'net pipes that get the job done. » 2/01/13 3:40pm 2/01/13 3:40pm

How Were Undersea Cables Laid Back in Ye Olde Days?

Compare and contrast. This monochrome photo, above, is how submarine cables were laid back in the day (in 1906, to be exact). It's not much different from how companies like Cable&Wireless Worldwide and Alcatel-Lucent do it now, right? » 1/13/11 7:40am 1/13/11 7:40am

Places Where the Internet Actually Happens (In Real Life)

Real, physical places form the Net's backbone: data centers, under-sea cables, junctions, optic fiber pipes. Wired traced a single bit's journey from England, across the US, and into Asia—a fascinating reminder at how physical the virtual really is. » 11/25/09 10:00am 11/25/09 10:00am

Oh Hello, This Is Just My Coaxial Tube

Yes, I picked this photo out of BoingBoing Gadget's fantastic illustrated history of transoceanic cable because it was the most obvious penis joke. This coaxial tube carried over 90,000 telephone calls simultaneously. » 4/17/09 7:30pm 4/17/09 7:30pm

Eastern Telegraph's Vast Network of Undersea Cables, Circa 1901

The year Queen Victoria died and Emperor Hirohito was born, there already existed a globe-spanning network of electronic communications cables. Not quite as cool as you thought you were, huh 2009? [Reddit] » 2/10/09 8:40am 2/10/09 8:40am

Undersea Telecom Cables Cut Again: India, Middle East and Asia Hit Hard

Earlier this year two telecom cables located in the Mediterranean were severed by passing ships. This is an extremely rare occurrence, which is why a second incident is cause for major concern. » 12/19/08 5:00pm 12/19/08 5:00pm

International Telecommunication Union Claims Cut Cables Were Sabotage

While we've been told that those undersea cables that were cut a couple weeks ago were slashed by errant anchors, the International Telecommunication Union now claims that it was deliberate sabotage. » 2/19/08 10:54am 2/19/08 10:54am