Designer Lingerie Has Embedded GPS-Uplink for Lady Location

This could be a tongue-in cheek bit of high-tech flirtery: Brazilian designer Lucia Lorio's "Find Me If You Can" lingerie line has embedded GPS »10/31/08 8:30am10/31/08 8:30am-uplinking units that a partner can remotely track. So you play a titillating game on your man by flitting around near his location, and then zipping far away. Or you could…

Japanese Underwear With a Banana Up Front (Not That I Need Something Like This)

So these are some Halloween costumes from Japan that have front-mounted, alternative-universe, male packages in the form of a banana, worm, bouquet of flowers or matchstick. What makes this funny is that I'm pretty sure Japan doesn't even celebrate Halloween. I wonder if they can custom-make these things. I can… »9/16/07 10:24pm9/16/07 10:24pm